Project Programme.

The project aims to be the work of the whole population of today to provide a fitting and respectful commemoration of the sacrifice of an earlier generation and a lasting record for the future of the war and its impact on the borough.

Revising and expanding the Roll of Honour

A large-scale research exercise to find out as much as possible about the 1,850 inhabitants of the Borough of Tynemouth who left the town and were lost in the events of the war on land, sea and in the air.

The data gathered has been entered into a database which provides a resource for the future and a fascinating insight into the people of the town and their connection to some of the key themes and aspects of the war.

We are now beginning a further three years programme of research to expand the record of casualties for the whole of the modern Borough of North Tyneside.

Publication of research

Exploring some of the key themes of the war and how local people and the town as a whole were connected to or affected by them. This will be an aspect of future work, now that our database has been made available on the internet.

Death at Dawn - Play by North East playwright Peter Mortimer

A play was commissioned, written and performed as part of the commemoration programme.

The Roll of Honour includes a local resident who was one of those executed for military offences and who is especially significant because of his extreme youth and allegedly being under age at enlistment. The play explores through a fictional drama (based on the actual Court Martial records) the story of William Hunter and his treatment by the authorities which led to his execution by firing squad. Find out more.

Following the highly successful premiere performances of the play in September 2014, new productions will be staged in February 2016 at Memorial Hall, Wallsend (19th to 23rd February) and the Great Hall, Discovery Museum, Newcastle (26th February to 2nd March). Tickets will be available from December 2015. See the website for details.


An exhibition is planned for July 2016 to mark the centenary of the beginning of the Somme campaign.

An exhibition to mark the centenary of the Battle of Jutland - the greatest sea battle in history to that date - April to October 2016 (in conjunction with HMS Calliope - Royal Navy Reserve).