Interactive Database Work in Progress

The project has been engaged for four years in building the most comprehensive biographical history possible of more than 1700 men of the Borough of Tynemouth known to have been killed or died in military service, the Merchant Navy and fishing fleets.

Link to interactive database

The database is free to access and all materials in relation to each man are free to download for personal and academic use only.

Our research has shown that we have a further 300 men to add, so if your relative is not shown and they were born or lived in the Borough of Tynemouth or you have information to add to an existing record then please get in touch.

Whilst we take care to provide accurate information, the Project can accept no responsibility for inaccuracies in the data provided.

For use in any commercial product please contact

Animated Casualty Map - slim version

As covered by the recent BBC1 documentary - Despatches from Tyneside, watch and listen how the Great War devastated the local community of North Shields. See the relentless impact; street by street, house by house, family by family and learn of those people, all who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Coming soon and available on DVD only, the definitive animated map with twice as many biographies.